Current Ownership of kikuletwa Hydropower Station

Kikuletwa Hydropower Station was built by Germans and given to Government. It was owned by the Tanzanian Government through TANESCO. Arusha Technical College (ATC). Requested to rehabilitate and run/cascade Kikuletwa Hydropower station (Kikuletwa I) as a power generation plant and center for training technicians/ artisan/ hydropower experts required in the development and operations of hydropower plants in the region. The Government accepted the request and is now owned by Arusha Technical College; the following ensued: 1) 4th July 2012. The Government of URT through the Treasury Registrar transferred ownership of Kikuletwa Station to Arusha Technical College 2) 20th March 2013 the agreement between TANESCO and Arusha Technical College was signed. 3) 2nd April 2013 TANESCO handed over all assets and rights of kikuletwa Hydropower Station to Arusha Technical College


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