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The mission of ATC is to provide competence-based Technical Education & Training and carry out research and consultancy in science and technology for socio-economic development.


The vision of ATC is to become a Centre of excellence in training, research and consultancy in science and technology in Africa by 2020.

Core Values

ATC values are: competence based education and training, service to community integrity, diversity, equal opportunities, accountability and honesty, freedom and responsibility, mutual respect and unity of purpose, excellence in performance.

Kikuletwa Potentials for Hydropower Generation

Previous studies show that there is a possibility of developing Kikuletwa I and the cascade downstream that has three potential sites referred to as Kikuletwa II, Kikuletwa III and Kikuletwa IV. The total projected hydropower potential for Kikuletwa I to IV is 17MW. The planned installed capacity after rehabilitation of Kikuletwa I will be 1.9 MW. Kikuletwa II shows a potential of 2 MW, Kikuletwa III shows a potential of 11 MW and Kikuletwa IV shows a potential capacity of 2 MW..

Rehabilitation Strategies of Kikuletwa project

The rehabilitation of Kikuletwa Hydro-power Station and Training Centre is divided into two phases (Phase A and Phase B). Phase one (A) focus at rehabilitating the old electro-mechanical installations of Kikuletwa so that it can be used for training, and establishment of a turbines testing station. Phase B will start at the end of Phase A after the decision to reconstruct Kikuletwa 1 is made..

Project Location

Kikuletwa Hydropower Station lies on the western end of the Sanya Plains, about 20 km south-west of Moshi. Currently Kikuletwa is accessed through a road 20 km earth road from Bomang’ombe  town about 20 km from Moshi town, on the Moshi-Arusha highway and about 70 km from Arusha city. Kilimanjaro International Airport lies only 12 km further west from Kikuletwa.

 Administratively, Kikuletwa I is located in Chemka Village, Masama-Rundugai Ward in Hai District in Kilimanjaro Region, while the cascade area (Kikuletwa II-IV) is located on the border between Hai District and Simanjiro District in Manyara Region.

Rector's Message

It is with much pleasure that I introduce you to the Kikuletwa Hydropower Training Center(KHP-TC) Website. Thank you for your interest

Eng Dr.Richard Masika

Deputy Rector Academic and Consultancy

Deputy Rector Academic, Research and Consultancy

Eng Dr.Masudi Senzia

Deputy Rector Finance and Administration

Deputy Rector Finance and administration

Eng Dr.Erick Mgaya

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